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About Eat Seasonal

Eat Seasonal started because we wanted a way to easily see what fruit and vegetables are in seasons. Walking around a supermarket, trying to plan seasonal meals becomes much easier when you can quickly access information on everything that's in season through your phone.

The app and website give you quick and simple view of all the food currently in seasons. They also provide a recipes section including carefully selected recipes which use ingredients which are mostly in seasons. New recipes are being added all the time!

Why Eat Seasonal?

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    Seasonal produce generally requires fewer chemicals and the food miles are often significantly lower as product is grown more locally. This keeps the environmental impact lower.
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    Taste and nutrition

    In season food usually hasn't travelled far. This helps food maintain nutrients and flavor. Picking food when it's fully ripe not only means it's at it's tastiest but also that it will be more nutritious than fruit picked too early or late.
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    For similar reasons that seasonal food is usually the freshest it is also often the cheapest. When it's in season the food is readily available and doesn't have to travel as far which helps drive down the cost.